COMMONly asked questions

Over the years we’ve been asked a host of questions about our Pro Covers so below we answer the most commonly asked questions. If you have a question that isn’t answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or by phone.

How do I choose my cover?

We’ve sold hundreds of car and bike covers over the years and have been working in the automotive industry for a combined 80+ years so we have a bit of an idea what cover will suit your vehicle best.

We’ve made it as easy as selecting your make and model from the drop down list and your recommended cover is provided to you.

If your car or bike doesn’t appear in the list then please complete the cover enquiry form and we’ll send through our recommendation.

What makes you an expert on car covers?

We’ve been perfecting the design of our Pro Covers over the last 8 years & whilst we’re certainly no experts, we’re incredibly passionate about cars and bikes and use our own Pro Covers on our own HK GTS Monaro, 69 Chevelle, 63 Thunderbird as well as all of our customer’s cars when they enter our award winning motor trim shop.

Can I use the Pro Cover outdoors?

The Stitched Up Pro Cover is for use indoors only, whilst it’s designed to be moisture resistant it should be used only in a fully enclosed area to protect against dust.

What are your covers made from?

The Stitched Up Pro Cover is made from a combination of polyester and automotive grade spandex which allows the cover to stretch and snugly fit over your car or bike. These covers aren’t custom made for you car or bike but the material is designed to form to the curves of your car.

Will the cover scratch my car?

Our Pro Covers feature a very soft inner-fleece lining which is designed to minimise surface scratching of your paintwork. It is however incredibly important that the Pro Cover is stored in it’s bag when not on the car or bike. If simply thrown on the ground or a shelf, it may collect particles that will cling to the material and cause scratches.

Can I machine wash the cover?

We always recommend that you hand wash your Pro Cover to inspect it for any particles that could cause damage to your vehicle.