At Stitched Up we have a passion for cars and bikes. We’ve got well over 80 years of combined experience working in the automotive industry and we all ourselves own a variety of Australian, American and European cars.

Our background is in custom motor trimming. Motor trimming requires a lot of time fabricating interior panels out of a wide range of materials which creates a large amount of dust and debris. There’s also glues and epoxies used to bond leather to these custom panels. We needed some way to protect our high-end customer’s vehicles from all of this so we set out to develop a car cover that met our high standards.

We began the process 8 years ago measuring our own cars and beginning to pattern the covers to the sizes that we needed. Next came the choice of material, we needed something that was strong enough to protect the cars from bumps and scratches but soft enough to make sure it protected the high-end paint jobs that many of the custom cars have that come through the shop.

Years of trial, error and testing went into the Stitched Up Pro Cover and we’re now proud to say that it’s available to buy.