After trying a number of other indoor covers on the market to try and help protect our customer’s cars, we simply found that none were really up to the task so it was time to develop our own. Being a custom automotive trim shop we were able to design and pattern the covers to be exactly what we needed.


We trialled a number of materials to find the perfect blend of elasticity to form-fit a number of cars whilst helping to develop a soft fleece inner-lining to provide your paintwork with a supreme level of protection from scratches often caused by cheaper car covers. We found that 170GSM was the ‘sweet spot’ when it came to the perfect material for a Pro Cover, this would provide the protection from dust that was needed but allow the vehicle to ‘breathe’ and allow any moisture under the cover to evaporate.


We have had the advantage of working on hundred’s of vehicles over the years and each time one would come in the shop to be trimmed, we would take measurements. This allowed us to develop a database of vehicle lengths and heights as well as mapping key points on each vehicle to make sure that our Pro Covers would fit to the vehicles bodylines as if it were custom made for it. This provides you with an affordable alternative to a custom made cover.